Introducing Decimail

Decimail is a pair of email applications:

Both applications use the standard email protocols, IMAP and SMTP. So although Webmail and Server can be used together, this is not necessary: subject to bugs, Webmail can be used with any IMAP server and Server can be used with any IMAP client.

This is free software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Follow the links on the left to read more about the two programs.

Recent News

2007-09-19: Decimail Server 0.15 released

This version fixes a couple of bugs introduced in the last version.

2007-09-03: Decimail Server 0.14 released

This version fixes a couple of bugs in the daemons that had prevented operation with mutt and could lead to infinite loops while receiving mail. It also replaces the three tables for to, cc and bcc addresses with a single 'recipients' table, which simplifies much of the database.

2007-07-03: Server Update

The server which runs this website, including the demos, will be replaced at some point over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the new machine will be able to offer a better demo and a more responsive forum. In the meantime, appologies for any downtime.

2007-03-08: Decimail Webmail 3 Alpha 15 released

The code has been substantially re-organised in this version; there are several new features, but probably also plenty of new bugs. Please test it out and report what you find. The main new features are: message sorting (click on the column headers), popup menus (click on the triangles), a "find mailboxes" field, a login dialog, printing, "view as text" for unknown MIME types, and more.

2007-02-14: Decimail Server 0.13 released

This version introduces a change that will make Decimail better suited to multi-user environments. When a user logs in to the IMAP server a set of PostgreSQL views is now created which filter the database down to only that user's messages. The individual mailbox queries, which have been re-written in terms of these views, now don't need to filter based on the owner of the message.

2007-01-28: Decimail Server 0.12 released

This version finally adds tsearch2 free-text searching of message bodies. The first 32k (by default) of the first text part of each message is indexed when the message is received. You can then find messages by creating mailboxes under Keywords/ with names that are tsearch2 expressions that the message must match.

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